Rules and Regulations:

The Rules and Regulations  document is a supplement to the condominium bylaws and other documents of the Hills of Waterford Association. It provides more detail about several rules that are frequently applicable to the co-owners. Click here to download.


Hills of Waterford Condominium By-Laws:

This Hills of Waterford ByLaws Document lists the rights and obligations of each co-owner. It describes several rules put forth at the creation of the association regarding upkeep of the exterior of homes and several rules regarding modifications, landscaping and more. Click here to download.


Article of Incorporation:

The Articles of Incorporation document defines the association as a non-profit corporation named The Hills of Waterford Association. It describes what the corporation does and who is a member and how legal actions can be performed. Click here to download.


Hills of Waterford Corporate By-Laws:

The Hills of Waterford Corporate ByLaws describe the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the rules of quorums and special meetings. Click here to download.


Master Deed:

The Master Deed describes the where and how the Condominium Project was to be built, the common elements, easements and how the project was funded. Click here to download.


Disclosure Statement:

The Disclosure Statement  is intended to inform purchasers of the units of the condominium of their rights and obligations. It describes the Condominium Project, association, rules and expectations of co-owners for those who wish to purchase a home in the association. Click here to download.


Code Enforcement:

The Waterford Twp Code Enforcement covers several township codes and ordinances to maintain the appearance of your home and lawn. Click here to download.


Modification Request Form:

The Rules and Regs require a Modification Request Form  for many alterations and repairs. Click here to download.


KC Property Service Welcome Packet:

KC Property Service, our Property Manager, provided a Welcome Packet that is to be filled out be each co-owner. Click here to download.