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KC Property Service, LLC.
Our Property Management Company.

Oakland County Road Commission
Web site of the agency responsible for our roads.

Oakland County Parks
Parks and Recreation facilities in Oakland.

Oakland County Government
Government website for Oakland County.

Click to visit Waterford Twp's Government Website. This site contains vital links to our Twp Business

Click Road Commission to report potholes in neighboring roads.


Committees are made up of co-owners that volunteer their time to help improve the community and help the Board of Directors with projects and ideas, gathering key decision-making information, and planning events and initiatives.

Membership on a committee takes about 1 hour per month.

Chairpersons may spend about 2-3 hours per month organizing and working with their committee.

If you'd like to get involved in a particular committee, the first step is to contact the committee's Chairperson or Board Liaison and they will help you determine how you can help with their current initiatives and help you be part of future ones.

Remember everything you see going on in our neighborhood begins with volunteers lending a little of their time to improve our community. Get involved; lend your talents and ideas to making the Hills of Waterford an even better place to live!

Email [email protected] for more info on any committee

Picnic Committeee

  • Plan the Summer Picnic
  • Arrange and book events
  • Volunteers wanted!

Grounds Committee

  • Lawn and Landscape
  • Suggested Improvements

Safety Committee

  • Keeping our children safe and our roads safe
  • "Drive 25" initiatives
  • Neighborhood Watch

Communications Committee

  • Newsletter
  • Distributing fliers and information
  • Website suggestions

Community Committee

  • Events & Entertainment
  • Hobby group creation
  • Welcome & Departure

Architectural Committee

  • Discuss and recommend approved roof/siding/paint schemes
  • Discuss appearance upgrades