Current Colors

Click on your address to check the current color of your home as of Summer 2021

Approved Colors

2022 saw adoption of additional trim colors approved by the architectural committee and board.

The end of 2021 saw adoption by the architectural committee of Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black SW 6258 into the approved shutter colors.

These colors are for shutters and front doors.  If you click the picture, it will expand and you can view the paint code.  Colors displayed on a computer are not exact, so please use a physical color sample to determine which color you use. Remember to fill out a Mod Request Form before doing work on the home.

Current Trim paint codes are provided below as well.

Original Home Color Schemes (1998)

The chart below displays the original color schemes and Sherman Williams paint colors. Homes were originally one of the following color schemes, from A to G. Trim colors are below and must match the siding.  Shutter and Doors must match as well.  You may want to visit and type in the paint code to view the color online.

Color SchemeWolverine SidingSherman Williams TrimMid-America ShuttersS&W Door ColorCaulk Codes
A Herring Bone (919) Stucco Greige SW2003 Forest Green NV3190 449
B Wicker(909) Estate Tan SW2031 Federal Brown NV3189 403
C Pewter (905) March Wind SW2128 Classic Blue NV3187 511
D Clay (907) Keystone Gray SW2005 Musket Brown NV3191 301
E Almond (906) Mellowed Ivory SW2220 Burgandy NV3188 431
F Ivory (901) Sumer White SW2448 Classic Blue NV3187 451
G Clay (907) Keystone Gray SW2005 Forest Green NV3190 301